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The high school band experience is a powerful youth activity with positive, far reaching educational value and occupational influence. Statistics show that students who participate in performing arts, such as band, score high on standardized tests, have high grade point averages and high graduation rates. Because they develop fundamental qualities of leadership and learn the value of team work, students involved in a fully active band program are better prepared for post-secondary education and professional pursuits in every industry.

Thank you to the business community for investing in the development of tomorrow's leaders through your contributions to the Stewarts Creek High School Band Program.

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Thank You To Businesses and Organizations For Your Support


SCRIP is a simple way to help fund the SCHS Band Program at no extra cost to you as you make routine purchases. Simply plan your shopping, purchase and use SCRIP retail/gift cards instead of cash, and the program receives benefit. With over 780 retailers, including grocery, department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, travel, and home improvement, you can use SCRIP for most purchases. It’s a matter of planning for routine spending with this new method of payment and ordering or reloading your cards!

Kroger Community Rewards

Through its Community Rewards program, Kroger makes a financial donation to the Stewarts Creek High School Band when supporters use their Plus Card.

Publix Partners

Through its Publix Partners program, Publix Super Markets, Inc. makes a financial donation to the Stewarts Creek High School Band when supporters provide their Publix account id (phone number) at check out.

Amazon Associate

The Stewarts Creek High School Band Program receives referral commissions when customers access from our website and make purchases.

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Thank You For Your Support

Joe and Brenda Gourley

2014, 2015, 2016

Jennifer Elam


Patricia Arnold


Band programs all over the nation thrive because communities understand the importance of music education in cultivating the fundamental qualities for success, not just in music, but also in life. It is only through the generosity of the community that music education and band programs consistently provide this unique and valuable experience for students.

Thank you for being active in supporting the Stewarts Creek High School Band.

Business Sponsorship

"Music is the universal language of mankind."

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Art and music education help children develop abstract thinking that helps them in the business world."

              ~ Alan Greenspan

Personal Donation
Rewards Programs

Whether you are local to the area or a member of the extended family of advocates who understand and cherish the band experience, we are honored with your generosity. Your contribution helps make opportunities possible and excellence achievable.

Join our growing community of support and donate today!

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